2018 Season here we come!

Journal Entry #1
First and foremost, I need to thank all of my family, outfitters, guides, friends, clients and everyone along the way that makes Three Dog Outfitters successful. This is for you and it never will be about me.  You are all family, thank you!
Looking back on my first guide day on the Beaverhead River makes me chuckle to think I knew what I was doing. Sure, I had boat skills, could help the fisherman have a great day and heck, we actually did well as the fishing goes. Then reality sets in… hard days, broken gear, forgotten essentials, great weather, wind, snow, closures, and many things in between.  I have begun to focus in on what I know; this year I will be 38 years old on this journey and my focus is guiding Montana rivers and sharing the knowledge and experience I have gained along the way.
I am looking forward to what’s next and where this blog will take me.  I appreciate feedback and suggestions that will help everyone out. If you would like me to write about a topic or share a story, let’s set it up. This is an open platform for everyone!
Let’s have a great season and enjoy little moments and catch fish!
Much Love,